Emmy Hunter

Younger Sister, Taken by the Fae and Escaped from Arcadia


“But I don’t wanna live that way.”

  • Player: Shanelle
  • Concept: Scorned Lover
  • Vice: Lust
  • Virtue: Fortitude
  • Seeming: Fairest
  • Kith: Flowering
  • Court: Summer
  • Song: Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye


  • Court Goodwill (Spring) – 3
  • New Identity – 1
  • Resource – 3
  • Striking Looks – 2
  • Allies – 1
  • Harvest – 1


  • Hearth: Fickle Fate – 1
  • Mirror: Riddle-Kith – 1
  • Mirror: Skin Mask – 2
  • Fleeting Summer: Baleful Sense – 1
  • Vain Glory: Mask of Superiority – 2
  • Fleeting Spring: Cupid’s Eye – 1
  • Fleeting Spring: Growth of the Ivy – 2



How long has been since I seen my family?
I haven’t seen them in 6 years, but they haven’t seen me for a year and week. You see time doesn’t flow in arcadia the way it does in the mortal realm. Yeah you heard right, you remember all those creatures you heard about in bedtime stories or around the campfire… they’re real. Now I can’t speak to the accuracy of the stories about vampires or werewolves, I don’t make a habit of running into them. But the Fae I know a thing or two about.
You probably know them better as fairies but trust me the Fae they are not the cute characters from Disney movies. They may grant your wishes but the price they demand is your soul, your sanity, your freedom, and your humanity. The Fae, they take people for different reasons, they are particularly fond of stealing infants and keeping them as pets.
I was a gift. You see the fae they are big on repaying debts. The Guardian of the Gate, was a disgusting little creature, the offspring of a lesser fae and a hobglobin. He looked like something out The Lord of the Rings, he was the fae who took me. He laid a trap for me on the path from my dojo to my dorm. I was walking along and the next thing I know I’m upside down swinging by my ankle. While I was still hanging in the air The Guardian of the Gate hog tied me. The entire time he kept mumbling about how I’d make such a good gift. How the Erlking would be pleased.

The Erlking was pleased. Turns out The Guardian choose me because of my skills in Kung Fu and because well I’m easy on the eyes. I was essentially a trophy wife, but there is no such thing as Real Housewives of Arcadia. My time in arcadia was part bliss part horror. There would be mornings that I would wake to caresses and when I became comfortable he would begin to skin me with his hunting knife. The Fae they ain’t like us. The way they think, the way they act, well you never know what will set them off. I once saw a Fae tear the man who tended her garden into three pieces for over pruning a bush. So I wasn’t about to offend the Erlking.

The change was slow. Physically I appeared very much like an airbrushed version of my human self, but gradually I my eyes turned an unnatural shade of purple and became cat like, my ears began to come to points. Great now I looked like something out the Lord of the Rings! When I was taken I was going through my punk rock phase and had dyed my hair pink, thankfully when people see me they assume I’ve dyed my hair and am wearing color contacts. The bigger change was in my personality. I had always been kind to people and hated to see them suffer. Here’s the thing I thought after a while that I loved the Erlking and he was cruel to me, but he did this because he wanted to love him. After all what is love without suffering. It’s a sore and complicated subject but let me summarize: the Erlking is a master of cruelty and I was an talented pupil.
I escaped from arcadia to find that only a week had past in Seattle. The Erlking was through he left a copy of me behind. I found out the copies are called fetches, they are made so your family and friends won’t notice when you go missing.
I wasn’t ready to face my family when I came back. I needed to first figure out where I belonged in this world. I created a new identity, pledge my loyalty to the summer court, and found a friend who helped me navigate my new reality. A year’s past since I have returned and the time has come for me to face my family and my fetch.

Emmy Hunter

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