The Clandestine Sphinx (Cara Hunter)

Middle Sister, Talented Mage and Psychologist


“She’s got the moon in her eye.”

  • Player: Ashley Chancellor
  • Concept: Psychologist
  • Vice: Pride
  • Virtue: Justice
  • Path: Mastigos
  • Order: Guardians of the Veil
  • Cabal: Hunter Family


  • Familiar – 4 – Enigma (Cat)
  • High Speech – 1
  • Status – 2
  • Sanctum – 1
  • Mentor – 1 – The Regrettable Physician
  • Library – 1 – Psycology
  • Destiny – 1


  • Death – 1
  • Mind – 2
  • Prime – 2
  • Space – 2


  • Emotional Urging
  • Scales of Thought
  • Remote Viewing
  • Bend the Weave
  • Correpondence
  • Unweaving the Flaw
  • Donning the Inner Mask
  • Fall of Night

There I was sitting in my new office, doing paperwork, listening to the clock on my wall. Tic-toc, Tic-toc, Tic-toc, Tic…toc, Tic…toc, Tic…………toc, *RING! * I looked up to see if my secretary had answered the phone and, in her place, sat a grizzly old hag with sunken eyes and pale, translucent skin. Jumping on my chair, I screamed and begged for mercy from the hideous creature. I closed my eyes and could it’s footsteps approaching and it began to shake me violently. I opened my eyes and saw Joan looking straight at me, just as she had been this morning, unaltered. She looked at me with pity and worry in her eyes. You see, this wasn’t the first time this had happened to me over the last month….or the second…or third. There was the lady walking a giant spider down by the pier, the hooded reaper outside my apartment where the doorman should have been, or the little children on the ferry that turned into, what I could only imagine were goblins and began to chase me. In fact these terrors had started to become common place. Trying to calm me down, Joan suggested checking myself into the hospital and, literally, having my head examined. Not knowing what else to do, I listened.

“I see absolutely nothing wrong with your head” said Dr. Holloway, looking at my MRI. “I would suggest we do a sleep study, maybe it’s your subconscious that’s the problem.” I scoffed and looked at him mockingly. Of course, IT WASN’T my subconscious. Being a psychologist, I had already ruled THAT out. But, begrudgingly I yielded. That night, the nurses hooked my up to a machine and let me alone in the darkness to dream…but it wasn’t a dream…it was a nightmare!

I awoke to find myself strapped to a table in a dark room alone with a horrible, ugly witch that told me, “Just be still, it will all be over soon enough”. All I could think at that moment was, I am not going to die here. I chewed my way through the straps and ran frantically out the door, shoving aside the hideous creature that blocked my path. Just outside the doorway was a labyrinth of dark halls with all manner of screams emanating from behind doors on either side. Rising from the chaos on the horizon was a fiery tower, both terrifying and beautiful. Something in my soul told me to go towards the tower and do so at all cost. I fought, tooth and nail out of the labyrinth. Along the way, I saw things, horrifying things, which shall never be spoken of again. I don’t know how but somehow I found my way to the door of the tower. On the doorway was inscribed the words, “Watchtower of the Iron Gauntlet”. Opening the door, I walked down the hall and saw names…thousands of them inscribed on the walls. At the end of the hallway was a small, empty space on the wall emitting the smallest sliver of light in the darkness. A chorus of quiet voices, in thousands of dialects and languages, spoke to me at once. Only a single word was uttered, “sign”. Using my usually perfectly manicured fingernails, I etched my name on the space on the wall. I had stopped the visions, but the nightmares never really went away.

Reality came rushing back, hard and swift. I found myself standing at the front desk at the Space Needle signing the guest book, still wearing my pajamas. The look of the lady at the front desk was a mix of confusion and humor. She was obviously trying not to laugh. Just then a man walked up, an elderly gentleman, well groomed with an odd far off look in his eye. He introduced himself as The Regrettable Physician, obviously not his real name but I will refer to him as such, and asked if I would come with him and he would explain everything. I cautiously obliged and followed.

Over the next couple of days and weeks, we spoke of my Awakening, and all of the other aspects of Mages and the Path of the Mastigos. He spoke to me of his Order, the Guardians of the Veil, and invited me to join. He said that they could use someone with my skills and experience. The Physician also introduced me the other members of the Seattle Mage Council. Over the last two years, I have built my reputation with them as the person who can “take care of problems" with those who “know too much”.

I have grown to quite like my know job and my lot in life. I got a bit lonely a while back, as you can imagine being a Mastigos in my line of work I can’t exactly trust many people, so I made myself a friend. It is a spirit that I have trapped in this world in the form of a cat, his name is Enigma. Quite a smart thing he is, I have even taught him how to talk which I do regret sometimes. At any rate, my family has be trying to get back in touch with me lately. Emmy has been very quiet lately, quite out of character for her. Morrigan and Grady have dropped by from time to time over the last couple of months and they seem different. Enigma and I have talked about it and he can feel it too. I think I know what they are but I don’t have any proof. I WILL find out though one way or another…and eventually they will know me…who I really am.

The Clandestine Sphinx (Cara Hunter)

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