Vampire Views


  • Though little more than animals, they have access to might and knowledge far beyond that of the Kindred. Their blood is wild, rich and hard to come by. It is a known fact that they commune with spirits and are vulnerable to silver.


  • Wielders of powerful magic and interested in politics between other supernaturals, Mages taste exotic, spicy and can be of fantastic use if they can be properly ‘motivated’ to do so. However, that power can be directed back at the Kindred that attempt to tap it. Like the tale of Icarus, flying too close to the sun can get a Kindred reduced to ash.


  • Throughout the ages, records have been found, and destroyed, concerning these beings. Created by mortals, they are some synthetic form of life. How this is done is beyond our knowledge but would be very interesting to augment the powers of the Kindred.
  • Vampire Views

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