Sin Eater Views


  • Much like mold in Seattle, Vampires are everywhere and with some fancy moving they can be avoided. Only threatening to the Dead when they delve into the Necromantic arts, Vampires can pose a threat to not only the living, but also to the Dead. The mystery behind the nature of Vampires is a topic of much conversation to the Bound.


  • Despite their fearsome appearance, the Wolves are familiar with the goings on of Spirits, but not the dead. Whenever something Dead wanders into their Hunting Grounds that they can’t deal with, they may seek out some Sin Eaters to solve the problem.


  • Based upon their spheres of knowledge, Mages are the most common of the Supernaturals to cross paths with Sin Eaters. To ease problems, it is easier to demonstrate superior knowledge right off the bat as to prove superiority. However, the loose nature of the power they command it is speculated that they may be the source of Abmortals and other such phenomena.


  • Not much is known of these beings, other than that they sow discontent in both the living and the Dead. The Bound are always looking for more information on these obscure creatures.


  • Little is known about these beings, other than their connection to Fey beings. It is standard operating procedure to never agree to any deals, contracts or pacts with them.


  • Much like insects, Hunters can be mostly ignored if a Sin Eater keeps his/her distance. However, again like insects, drawing too many’s attention can be deadly for not only a single Sin Eater, but an entire Krewe.

Sin Eater Views

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