Mage Views


  • Dangerous; Their blood has immense powers and can enslave the Awakened if ever ingested. The inner-workings of the Vampires are hard to fathom. Strength, speed, mental manipulation and enhanced endurance are all potential powers though telling the specification apart between different types is difficult at best.


  • Unpredictable; These beings are both feral and civilized. They have a kind of structure to their culture but settle some disputes with brutal violence. Managing their Rage is a core characteristic of their being. Massively strong, able to summon and bind spirits and enter a parallel realm to ours are somewhat understood. Caution yourself against their taboos as a wrong step can have an Awakened eaten alive in short order.


  • Strange; some power emanates from them. Powers seem to be all over the map. Vagrants by nature. Any knowledge would be of high value.


  • Exotic; Touched by powers some Mages covet, these beings have seen things that we desire to know. However, few are willing to discuss their knowledge of the Fae Realm. For what reason we have not surmised though it seems painful to discuss.


  • Fear-worthy; These paranoia touched Sleepers know our weaknesses and work in terrorist-like cells. They hunt us, burn us alive and seem to be fueled by some unfounded fear. Keep them in your sights but never show them your back.


  • Interesting; they seem to know the ways of the dead and where all souls go to rest in this world. Perhaps they can show us how to send these Souls to the Supernal Realm and help awaken Mankind? They control strange powers and deal with the souls of the deceased, something we could teach them a thing or two about.

Mage Views

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