Changeling Views


  • Similar to the Gentry in some ways, these dead-yet-living beings seek us out for the sweet, exotic taste of our blood. They fulfill the role of Blood-Sucking Monsters in the stories that we come from, and they remind us that gathering glamour recklessly can end someone just as easily as draining them dry of blood.


  • An example of the savage nature those of the Beast Seeming must deal with, the Wolves cope with the modern world with ancient sensibilities. They are gatekeepers to a world similar to our Hedge, but are loathe to let anyone see it.


  • Their effortless power reminds us most of the Gentry and they are to be feared. Rumors persist of these so called “Awakened” mortals kidnapping our kind and interrogating us about Arcadia. Some think they know of our place of Durance, they know nothing of what awaits them should they forge through the Hedge.


  • Few have interacted with the Lost, but they feel as isolated and lonely as we do from the brief stories we have from talking with their kind. With powers seemingly so unnatural, they frighten us as to where they came from.


  • They call us baby-stealers, demons and worse. They are close minded, work silently in the background of the places we live and hunt us like the Hobgoblins of the True Fae. Keep away from them and never let them see under your Mask, lest they burn the Courts to ash.


  • Lonely and Morose, they seem to work well with Winter Court Lost but what is their true intent? Why obsess over the dead and gone when they know not the terrors we have all escaped? Focus on the life you have rather than the lost lives of others.

Changeling Views

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