Vincent "Vinny" Cornello

Emmy's Summer Court Sponser and Mentor


“With an angry soul and a wicked design…”

  • Seeming: Beast
  • Kith: Broadback
  • Court: Summer

Theme Song: Serpentine – Disturbed


Having served his Durance under the thumb of “She of The Terrible Eyes”, Vinny is a firm supporter of the War against the True Fae.

Having served his time as a pet in what he could only barely compare to a Zoo, Vinny is a large man almost 7 feet in height and broad in the shoulders. With his mask dropped he appears close to the Silver-back Gorilla with bushy muttonchops and stout legs ending in large toes.

He works with the other Courts only as much as it furthers his personal mission: Find “She of The Terrible Eyes” and make her pay.

Vincent "Vinny" Cornello

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