The Mongrel Architect

Exiled Mage, for crimes against the Awakened.


“Wolves hide in the company of Men.”

  • Path: Mastigos
  • Order: The Free Council

Theme Song: Intertiatic E.S.P – The Mars Volta


A former member of the Council of Seattle, he was Exiled due to “theories” of an interconnectedness between all the kinds of Supernaturals. When asked of this theory, his response was always:

“Now, we’re Lost. I intend to make us Found.”

Any writings of this theory are clouded in absurdity, with notes and ciphers that make no sense. The Council has passed the Writ of Horace, a kill-on-sight order, for him. However, one must find him first, as he has proven to be quite resilient to detection.

The Mongrel Architect

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