The Cagn

Unknown being that hunts the Supernaturals of Seattle

  • Height: Unconfirmed, reports vary from 5’5" to over 7’
  • Weight: Unconfirmed, rumored to be in excess of 300 lbs

Theme Song: Phoner to Arizona – The Gorillaz


An unknown predator, The Cagn has plagued Seattle for decades. The first recorded occurrence of such a being is in the 1960’s. With over 600 kills and at least 1000 disappearances attributed to it, the Greater Seattle Conclave has laid every mark of deviance on it.

It has, since the formation of the Conclave, eluded, wounded, killed or eaten all of the following:

  • A Blood Hunt of trained Gangrel Clan, Brujah Bloodline Vampires
  • A War Party of Rahu Blood Talons, all in Gauru and holding back the Death Rage
  • The Servitors of the Writ of Horace on three different occasions
  • An Ogre Seeming Autumn Wild Hunt of over 20 Changelings
  • The Grand Carnival’s Main Event, with over 15 Sin-Eaters bringing forth The Rage

The Cagn

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