Black Cat who is not as he seems, Familiar to The Clandestine Sphinx

  • Medium Size Long Hair Black Cat with striking blue eyes
  • Can speak and understand basic mortal language
  • Excellent knowledge of occult and spirit world


  • Innocuous
  • Wild Sense


  • Danger Sense


  • Bite
  • Claw

Bane ???


So many of her patients see me and make some comment about “allergies” or my appearance. They dismiss me as I sit upon the ledge and watch their diagnosis.

And yet, they don’t understand that they are getting a second opinion. For free!

I’ve watched my mistress learn from her mentor. I remember when she called me forth, from between the Supernal Realms and the Shadow and gave me form. However, I didn’t always have such a fine coat. I’ve worked on that and it’s a subject of pride.

However, when her siblings came back to her, they were not as she remembered them. Things had changed and even I could sense the differences afoot.

Something is in the air. Something is different. Something is coming. But I’m not sure what. However, I doubt that, whatever happens, my intellect will ever be appreciated in it’s fullness before something unspeakable happens to this body to which I’ve become attached.

Huh. And she still won’t let me have veal. It’s a wonder I put up with her.


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